Our Games

My Darkest Hour

My Darkest Hour is a 2D Side-scrolling survival horror game, set in the UK on the onset of a pandemic. As the protagonist, you have to survive, grow food, manage day-to-day chores and face the dangers of the ever-growing hostile, starved and desperate population.

Development on MDH started in late July, 2013. Since then, we have managed to gain an extra artist, and start to work on the basic functions of the game. Currently, the lighting system has been partially implemented, with candles running out and having to be replaced. Now, we aim to work further on the basic mechanics and principals of the game, before we start to develop more advanced parts (Such as Enemy A.I.). We are in early development, and are open to suggestions, questions and even assistance.

Planetary Slingshot

Planetary Slingshot is a 2D/3D strategy game in which two or more planets stage an interplanetary war. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy planet, at all costs.
You have ships and missiles at your disposal, but remember: Resources are key. Gather Resources, build up your arsenal and wage war across a solar system.