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Please note: This site is under active development. Expect unfinished or changing aspects until it is finalised

PixelVision is an Indie games development group established in 2013. Our aim is to create interesting games with enjoyable gameplay and mechanics. We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic developers, who love designing and creating games as a hobby. As a result, you can be sure that with any game we release you will receive a quality product.


Forum Complete
As of today, I am pleased to announce that the forum is finally finished.

I have yet to add certain features such as sticky posts and sorting topics by newest reply rather than when it was created but the basis is complete.

As of today, the bulk of the website has been done. This was originally made to be a layout that other people could use. However, since PixelVision now has a few projects to it's name (and plans to sell some of them), I decided to use it for the official website.

I made a few tweeks to link the login and register system to the one used by Planetary Slingshot. I had to finish a few of the pages and make sure they followed the stylesheet as well as update the style slightly. In addition, I also coded this news system so I could easily post any updates straight on the homepage.